Our Mission

Our mission is to help more girls in Nepal stay in school.

When we embarked on the LOKTAA journey, there were a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, but there was one thing certain and that was we wanted to help the literacy & educational landscape of Nepal - in any small way we could. Investing in Room to Read's Literacy & Girl Education Program, by donating 50% of our net profits, was the perfect avenue for this.

Funding full days of school for girls in Nepal

Since 2020, we have stuck by our commitment of donating our profits to Room to Read. As of Dec 2023. LOKTAA has funded 12705 full days of education for girls in Nepal via Room to Read's Girls' Education Program.

Our funds provide girls with the support and resources necessary to stay in school, advocate for themselves and navigate life's most difficult decisions. And we quantify our impact by measuring the number of education days we are able to fund each year.